Rethinking this blog

Looking at that first post, and then taking a look at the blog I ended up uploading elsewhere (the one that was going to occupy this space), I think that you can see what the problem would have been – the print is small. Imagine going through a medium length essay like this. Yet, as WordPress itself explains, one doesn’t have the option to increase text size, and the attempt to circumvent that lack of an option will tend to leave one with one line of text overlapping the next.

Yes, this was a very foolish oversight on the part of the developers, who apparently never thought about the possibility of anybody over thirty reading a blog, but I do know that much of my readership falls well into that category (gosh, do people live that long), and so I have to think about that. At least one person I can think of seems to have circumvented the problem by redoing the CSS, but I don’t have the time or the patience with the subject matter needed to learn CSS at this time, so what, as somebody who’d like to use this service without torturing his readers, should I do?

Craft my material to meet the quirks of this blog. What I’ll have here will be material that emphasises visual content and keeps text to a minimum. I am playing around with photography and have set up a flickr membership, so maybe that should suggest a good use for this blog.


~ by Myopic Midnight Special / Joseph Dunphy on November 5, 2007.

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