It’s about time!

It has been a few years, and all I have to show you is another picture, and it’s just something off of my Flickr photostream, at that. I really should be ashamed.


OK, I’ll give you another picture, one on Panoramio that I’m guessing won’t make it onto Google Earth. Read the comments, and see if you can guess why. By the way, this is one for anybody who will be complaining that all I ever do is night photography. Please! Take a look, right under the sign. It’s practically noontime.

John Barleycorn

This one was the preview for The Evil that is I.T., a story about a story which saw little love, even from the person who downloaded it. Not that I’m bitter. Pshah.


~ by Myopic Midnight Special / Joseph Dunphy on February 3, 2012.

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